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6 Ways Loving Your Breasts

    6 Ways Loving Your Breasts

    Breast is one of the sensitive zones in a woman’s body. In appearance, the breasts can also be regarded as a “seducer” of men. They looked so beautiful, even if you wear clothes that are closed tightly. No need to wait you wear a bikini at the pool, my husband would not stand straight if you do not accidentally touch your chest. But we often do not realize that the breast can provide personal satisfaction for us.

    “The majority of studies have only questioned the breast health, and not enough on figuring out how women daapt enjoy their breasts during lovemaking session,” said Debby Herbenick, PhD., Sexual health educators at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. In fact, the breast plays an important role in providing pleasure for you both. Try practicing these six things.

    According to Beverly Whipple, PhD., A professor at Rutgers University, when the he touched your breast, the brain releases a chemical called oxytocin. Hormones are also triggered by love hugs and orgasm, which then creates feelings together with a partner. To maximize its effect, take a woman on top position as the he sat back. Wrap your arms around his neck, so that your breasts pressed her chest. If you choose a missionary force, drag his body so that your chest was back in touch. At this time the blood flow will increase, breasts feel warm, makes you feel closer to him.

    Wake without a touch
    As well as the man who could erect penis without being touched, nipples can stand without direct touch. Do not believe? ‘Ask the couple put the tip of his finger lightly in the center of the chest, then move toward the breast, forming a circle around the area, “advises Jaiya, author of Red Hot Touch. A light touch of his fingers will stimulate fine hairs on the breast and the nerves beneath the skin surface. Shortly thereafter, the nipple would be standing.

    Give the new sensation
    You may be aroused when the he touches you with his hands. But once in a while try to feel the touch of another material other than leather. Examples jersey material (thin socks) a soft, body lotion, or a fine silk material. “Introducing various types of sensations such as this can add a new feeling in touch,” says Ian Kerner, PhD., Author of She Comes First. Ask the husband caress your breasts using your lingerie made from silk, or play with her nipples with a piece of fine plumage. In return, press your breast to the back of her husband, or any area that he liked.

    The area above the areola
    Did you know that the nipple is not the most sensitive part daridada? Meat which is located above the areola (brown skin surrounding the nipple) is the “star”. “In the past we have always thought that the nipple is the main sensitive zones. It is indeed true, at some level. But it was more because the nipple is so easy to see,” said Jaiya. Studies show that more women feel the sensation of biting on the part on it (at the end of the nipple, not on the walls).

    To lure these sensitive zones, have your partner rub ice cubes from the direction at 10.00 to 02.00, and breathed warm air into the wet part. Or, ask her to use her tongue to lick the tip with a circular motion around the area, then slowly moves down the nipple and areola. Pressure from the tongue will enable the smooth muscle beneath the surface, and make it appear.

    Bathing with the he also would become the most enjoyable moments. Warm water will drain blood to the skin surface and raise the body temperature. This makes the skin more sensitive to touch, according to Sandor Gardos, PhD., Founder Ask your husband and lather all over your body, especially the breast. Sensations that arise due to slippery skin that collided, combined with warm water, will soon boost your libido. To rinse, let the shower do its job. Warm running water would give a small massage-massage of the breast. .

    Maximize performance
    Breasts may be part of your body’s most favored husbands. But how often do you maintain and improve the appearance to accentuate your curves this? “Most women do not take the opportunity to stimulate their breasts during lovemaking, particularly if they are conscious about their breast size,” says Kerner. However all women, no matter what size her breasts, have the same amount of nerve. To note just how to touch the breast, considering its size. Women with larger breasts can hold the squeeze more powerful because of the fat tissue that is thicker. If your breasts including petite, press both of them with arms to give the impression of a deeper cleavage.