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Freedom Park Bangalore

    Freedom Park, a large open space in the heart of Bangalore, in the street Sheshadri. The government of this place, and once worked as the 'central prison. , And later became a prison outside the city, and good faith to convert it into a park instead of coming up with more buildings in the region.

    The garden design was chosen through a competition at the national level. Panel installed in the garden and says more about the history of the prison and the establishment of the park:

        Central Prison
    The first Indian War of Independence, a new impetus to the freedom movement in India. And many joined the movement of Indians and British, to reduce traffic, and began sending fighters more freedom and more to the prisons. As a result, the British prisons more and more to accommodate the growing number of fighters for freedom, self-sacrifice. Bangalore Central prison was built against this background that in 1866. Occupied and the location of about 21 acres. The prison houses many of the illustrious leaders who fought for the freedom of our people and the restoration of democracy during the post-independence period in the emergency system. The prison complex included an observation tower in the center, barracks and other buildings such as hospitals, workshops, etc..
        Freedom Park
    The garden design was chosen through a competition at the national level initiated by the BBMP. He won the architect couple Soumitro Ghosh and Nisha Mathew Ghosh competition and has been developed on the basis of garden design on a budget of crores Rs.17.35.

    The main objective of the park is to create cap space and green lung in the heart of the city without compromising the historic importance of the site. As a result, a beautiful garden mixed-use urban areas with state-of-passage information on the latest model and joint cultural and recreational areas for children to play, light and sound and so has come to reveal the sprawling area of ​​15 acres of Central Prison, formerly of Bangalore. It was suggested that the space allocated to hold protests and marches, like Hyde Park in London, an area of ​​6 acres as a solution to traffic concerns that protests and rallies in the city center the trigger. The most beautiful in the garden is the vision of architects in the creation of the volumes of space using light with providing all the necessary amenities to the public.

        Commissioner, BBMP

    Park has a lot of open space with lush grass and the way you walk along the walls of the garden. At home, and the control tower at the prison is a major milestone in the visible from almost everywhere. Has committed itself to architects barracks without change except to add some finishing touches minute. Prison cells also left unchanged, but the traffic is kept to the cells are closed and inaccessible. There are inscribed next to the barracks. A cafeteria, a work in progress.

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