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Poonam Pandey Strip

    Once the Indian cricket team had won the World Cup final match, there was one question on everyone's minds. Where Poonam Pandey? Poonam has promised to go naked for the Indian cricket team in the waves in the country.

    After winning, said Poonam was flooded with calls for the sector and with threats, not everything in the nude. The model was switched off her cell phone and was able to sneak out of the situation. Before the World Cup, and issued 19 years), a letter to the Bank of Credit and Commerce asked her permission in the Gaza Strip.

    Poonam said in the letter, "I'm a big fan of cricket and foremost, I am Indian national. I want that Indian team to win the 2011 World Cup and I hope to go the extra mileage." The model proposed in this letter so that the Bank of Credit and Commerce choose another country such as the Paris of her nudity.

    Model of science that it is not an insult to the naked to go, especially with adults for the purpose of treatment. Poonam also proposed to convene a special session of the drawing of her naked. And the form in the letter said she had gone through various studies that performance, such as inspire people to better performance in the field.

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