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The Art Form Of Rice Writing

    Rice Writing  is the art and skill of being able to write small enough to write on a grain of rice,Rice art is considered to bring good luck hence some of its most popular forms is good luck pendants, hope bracelets and cell phone charms. To examine why rice art is considered auspicious and a symbol of good luck we need to first realize that as the medium of this art, rice in itself is symbolic of the same. Rice being a staple food in the Orient traditions obviously link it to prosperity, fertility and good fortune. The more rice you have the more prosperous you are and in some cultures rice not gold is considered a symbol of wealth. Many believe that rice is a link between mankind and the Earth itself, rice being the gift of the Mother Earth (Goddess) to her offspring (man) so that he may be able eat and sustain himself. So, Enjoy and Have a Rice Day! :-)