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Pearl Jewellery

    Pearls are for purity, pearls are for perfection. White pearls are the symbol of elegance and beauty and peace. They represent moon and are valued next to diamond. Pearls are obtained from the mollusks. They are formed in a wide range of colors. Mollusks, marine or freshwater, have a soft body and a hard shell. Although all mollusks can produce pearls , they are still rare. The technique of cultured pearls has made this gem more common.
    The pearls are made of aragonite and conchiolin, the material mollusk shells are made of. The naturally formed pearls are of different shapes and sizes. Round is the rarest shape. These generally depend on the species of mollusk and the time it took to form. They need not necessarily be white but range from, golden, purple to pink and cream. Even black pearl can be found but usually amongst the cultured ones. The common feature remains its glow and luster due to reflection of light. Pears were in abundance in the coastal India. They have always marked the ways of the affluent. Pearl Jewelry like necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets were made with such intricacy that they even resembled laces. Indian pearls and pearl ornaments were exported to Europe during the 17th and the 18th century.
    Pearl ornaments gained popularity in 19th century again when cultured pears were made. They have never lost their importance and popularity since then and have remained in fashion