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Suits For Men

    Invest in a good suit—this is where your wardrobe dollars are best spent. Choose neutral colors like navy or gray. Browns and olives can be tricky and black suits had their moment, but are still great for evening or formal occasions. Also, suits should be comfortable, drape well, and move with you. And always keep in mind that richness in fabrics and good tailoring never go out of style.

    Are suit vests a thing of the past? 
    Suit vests are for dandies, but also seen in English, western, and evening looks. Not really seeing suit vests otherwise. 
    Are suits with no vents in the back a dated look? 
    Vents are definitely more European and shapelier. They are also a symbol of better tailoring. 
    Are pleats on trousers a bad idea? 
    First thing is that flat fronted trousers are always more flattering no matter what your size and age. Pleats bring attention to that area of the body.